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The Importance of FOD Signs

It is essential to any FOD program that the working environment be properly segmented and [...]

What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 is the International Aerospace Industry Quality Management Standard. It is specifically written by the aerospace [...]

Surviving a FOD Program Audit

Don’t be surprised if one day a team of auditors shows up to ask how [...]

Sample Use Case: Small Factory

Congratulations! As the owner or manager of a small- to mid-sized factory, you have just won your [...]

Infographic: Designating FOD Areas in Manufacturing

Any area where products are made, checked, tested, fixed, stored, or received can be a [...]

How to Identify and Maintain FOD Sensitive Areas

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a problem that should be on everyone’s radar, whether on [...]

Basic Tools and Parts Control

Basic Tools and Parts Control Established Procedures All work procedures on aircraft must be standardized. This [...]