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The Importance of FOD Signs

It is essential to any FOD program that the working environment be properly segmented and clearly marked according to FOD sensitivity. When in place, designated FOD area signs enable workers and visitors to properly identify the level of caution that… Read the rest

What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 is the International Aerospace Industry Quality Management Standard. It is specifically written by the aerospace industry to improve quality and ensure the integrity of supplies to the industry. It has been published in Europe as EN 9100, in the United… Read the rest

Surviving a FOD Program Audit

Don’t be surprised if one day a team of auditors shows up to ask how and where you dump your debris. Foreign Object Damage control is a critical safety issue. It is also a quality-control clause in many outsourcing contracts,… Read the rest

Sample Use Case: Small Factory

Congratulations! As the owner or manager of a small- to mid-sized factory, you have just won your first aerospace contract to fabricate small aircraft components at your facility, for delivery to your client’s main assembly plant. The contract includes a clause requiring… Read the rest

Infographic: Designating FOD Areas in Manufacturing

Any area where products are made, checked, tested, fixed, stored, or received can be a FOD-free zone. Many facilities use a three-layered naming system for jobs and storage areas that are prone to FOD. Post signs, banners, decals, barriers, floor… Read the rest

How to Identify and Maintain FOD Sensitive Areas

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a problem that should be on everyone’s radar, whether on the runway or the machine shop floor. To prioritize FOD prevention and ensure your employees are taking all necessary precautions, identify areas particularly susceptible to… Read the rest

Basic Tools and Parts Control

Basic Tools and Parts Control Established Procedures All work procedures on aircraft must be standardized. This means everyone doing a specific task will do it the same way, every time. At top levels of the US Air Force guidance of… Read the rest