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The FOD-Razor® Motorsport Sweeper

Improve Safety and Prevent Costly FOD Incidents at your Race Track, Automotive Proving Ground, or Speedway with this Fast, Affordable, and Effective Sweeper.

The Ultimate Racetrack Sweeper

Are you responsible for ensuring that your high speed racing facility is safe for vehicles, drivers, and spectators?

Do you want a race course or proving ground that is consistently clean and looks great?

Are you trying to reduce the excess vehicle wear that can occur on unkempt tracks?

Do you need a sweeper that is available at a moments notice and never breaks down?  

Have you been looking for a motor sweeper that can quickly and effectively collect small debris after an accident?

The solution you’ve been looking for.

The FOD-Razor® MotoSweep™ helps maintenance crews keep their motor speedway facilities safe and event-ready by eliminating foreign object debris (FOD) on tracks, pit roads, parking areas and adjacent surfaces.


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the fod-razor® eliminates dangerous debris from your racing surfaces!

Barber Motorsports Park

The FOD-Razor® works great and saves us a huge amount of money on fuel and replacement parts for our vacuum truck. It’s really changed how we operate day to day.


Keeping race tracks and speedways free of foreign object debris (FOD) is difficult. 

Weather, spectators, vehicle maintenance, and accidents produce dangerous FOD in these facilities constantly.  

Maintenance crews are expected to provide a safe and pristine environment at all times. They are expected to perform regular routine sweeping and be able to respond to accidents immediately.  However, traditional truck mounted sweepers are slow, expensive, prone to break down, and (if we’re being honest) don’t really work that well.

A cost effective and reliable solution that was fast, effective, easy to use, and easy to transport and deploy, would be invaluable.  Now it exists.

The FOD-Razor® Is Your Solution for Clean & Safe Motorsports Racing Surfaces. 

  1. Contact us and we’ll help you choose the right equipment and develop an appropriate sweeping schedule for your facility.
  2. Connect your FOD-Razor® to any motorized vehicle at your facility.
  3. Sweep the length of your race tracks and pit areas at 10-15mph.
  4. Empty the race sweeper of collected debris in a safe place so it can be disposed.
  5. Store the race sweeper in the included carry bag for safe keeping and easy transport/deployment.

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Check out our articles on What is FOD?, Racetrack Maintenance, or How to Set Up a FOD Program for more great ideas.


The FOD-Razor® is the #1 Best Selling Friction Sweeper System in the World.NASCAR Competition Partner

    • Fast and effective
    • Simple and easy-to-use
    • Portable
    • Affordable
    • Unparalleled Capture Rate: Collects over 98% of small FOD objects
    • Sweeps smooth and coarse surfaces
    • Sweeps in both dry and wet weather conditions, including rain

This sweeping equipment is used by NASCAR and is part of the NASCAR Competition Partner Program.

Our Customers Include the Greatest Speedways and Race Courses In the World. 

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Daytona International Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway

These sweepers do an amazing job at the collection of lug nuts on pit roads. After a race there are thousands of those things all over the front stretch and the FOD-Razor makes quick work of them.


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Every New Second Generation FOD-Razor® features:


  • USA woven nylon-fiber mats that glide over punishing track and pit conditions
  • Rugged, abrasion resistant thermoplastic scoops that are guaranteed for 4500+ linear miles
  • Powder coated steel hitch equipment for ultimate towing stability.
  • Durable nylon webbing and High strength nylon stitching. 


  • A water repellant carrying case.
  • A removable wheel bracket that makes transport and deployment a breeze.
  • Lightweight design allows for one person operation.
  • Built-in “hitch and forget” weight-release mechanism that prevents overloading and accidental damage.
  • Easy to connect, empty, and store.


  • Designed to be pulled by virtually any motorized vehicle. 
  • Hitch Attachments for all types of vehicles:
    • Pick Ups
    • Golf Carts
    • UTVs
    • Tractors
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