TOW-SERIES POwer bar™ magnetic sweepers

Tow Behind Magnet Sweeper

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeping

Our brand new line of towable magnet sweepers are designed to quickly and effectively capture ferrous metal debris from your paved facility areas.

Incorporating our proven Power Bar™ magnet technology, these sweepers are easy to use and affordable; providing a quick and effective method for preventing flat tires and other Foreign Object Debris (FOD) related accidents. 

Ideal for parking lots, warehouses, industrial facilities, and other critical operations areas, these tow behind magnets can be pulled by trucks, UTVs, golf carts, or small tractors.       

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Simple To Maintain

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Quick To Clean 

New Tow-Series Powerbar™ Magnet Sweeper

  • Designed to be towed behind your choice of vehicle.
  • Available in 72 and 96 inch (183 and 244 cm) widths.
  • Easily captures ferrous debris at up to 8 mph.
  • Rugged Steel and Aluminum Construction.
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