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FOD Training for New Employees

For many workers foreign object debris training means nap time; a boring video in a darkened room administered by a bored training representative who has no real contact with FOD. It doesn’t have to be that way and can’t be… Read the rest

The Hidden Cost Of FOD

How much does FOD cost the aerospace industry? During my two-year tour at Pyestock, I studied in detail the number of engines rejected for FOD in the Royal Air Force, the number of engine modules damaged, and the estimated cost.… Read the rest

The Importance of Data for FOD Analysis

Accurate FOD Data + Thorough Analysis + Effective Action = Fewer FOD Incidents Wherever aerospace products are manufactured or flown, a philosophy and culture of FOD Prevention spanning the entire operation is vital to assure product integrity, reliability, and cost… Read the rest

Introduction to Cleanrooms and Compliance

Do you think your employees have a hard time keeping their phones and other devices out of FOD sensitive areas? In some industries, you can’t even wear Chapstick on your lips. Welcome to the cleanroom environment. Cleanrooms were originally developed… Read the rest

Getting The Word Out

In order to keep FOD prevention at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you will need to make it a physical part of the workplace. Getting the FOD word out acknowledges that foreign object damage (FOD) presents a very real threat… Read the rest

How Do I Prevent FOD?

Among the best pieces of advice I’ve heard in the past is to remember to use your eyes, ears and mind. If you’re entering or already working in the Aerospace or High-Tech Manufacturing field, you have proven you’re intelligent, inquisitive and willing… Read the rest

FOD Damage and Mishap Investigation

Historically, 70-75% of FOD events are classified as “cause unknown” which is a mistake. The source of impact damage to an aircraft or engine can be determined in almost every instance with some detective work. This article addresses the issues… Read the rest

How To Host A FOD Awareness Week

Advertisements for the upcoming FOD awareness week can be posted on flyers, bulletin boards, or announcements at meetings. You can also announce on the site newspaper, post on the company intranet, or by mass email broadcasts. To better understand the… Read the rest

Basic Tools and Parts Control

Basic Tools and Parts Control Established Procedures All work procedures on aircraft must be standardized. This means everyone doing a specific task will do it the same way, every time. At top levels of the US Air Force guidance of… Read the rest