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The FOD-Razor® Airport Sweeper

Designed for Runways, Taxiways, Aprons, Flight Lines, and Aircraft Hangars.

Eliminate Costly FOD Incidents at your Airport with this Fast, Affordable, and Effective Sweeper.

Experience Unparalleled Efficiency in Debris Collection and Foreign Object Damage Prevention

Innovative Design Tailored for Airport FOD Sweeping

The FOD-Razor® is a groundbreaking tow-behind friction sweeper, meticulously engineered to effectively remove debris from paved surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt. Available in various configurations, including one, two, or three sweeping mats with corresponding sweeping paths, our friction sweepers cater to the diverse needs of US, NATO, and other air forces, civilian airports, airlines of all sizes, and aerospace manufacturers.

Exceptional Performance and Unmatched Capture Rate

When it comes to airport sweeping, the FOD-Razor® tow-behind friction sweepers stand out with their industry-leading capture rate of over 98% for small debris. Operated by being pulled behind a motorized vehicle at speeds between 5 and 25 miles per hour, our friction sweepers not only ensure the highest level of foreign object damage prevention but also allow for rapid and efficient cleaning of your paved runways, taxiways, aprons, and other airport operation areas.

RZR-8 Trilpex

Elevate Your Airport Maintenance Standards with the FOD-Razor® Runway Sweeper. 98%+ Debris Capture Rate.

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Ease of Use, Affordability, and Virtually Zero Maintenance

Designed with user experience in mind, the FOD-Razor® tow-behind runway sweepers boast a lightweight build, ease of use, and cost-effective pricing, making them an ideal choice for airports and airlines of all sizes. What’s more, our sweepers require virtually no maintenance, allowing you to focus on what matters most—keeping your airport safe and operational.

The professional Airport Managers and Operators that turn to the FOD Control Corporation have common traits:

  • These managers come from large airports and small airfields; They may manage complete facilities, smaller gate areas, temporary construction sites, or even a single FBO Hanger, yet they all strive to provide the most safe and secure operational environment possible.
  • They understand that un-noticed/un-collected debris (FOD) on their runways (and other air-operations surfaces) pose an ongoing and constant risk to engines, tires, and overall aircraft/personnel safety at their facilities.
  • While understanding that FOD incidents don’t usually result in catastrophe or loss of life, they recognize that FOD incidents ALWAYS have financial costs (in damage, premature equipment wear, and other reputational/repair expenses).
  • Many of these operators work at locations that are serviced by city or county sweeping equipment that operate on a schedule beyond their control.  In many cases this street sweeping equipment isn’t designed for airport environments and doesn’t perform to aviation safety standards.
  • Most of these managers are struggling with staff shortages and budgetary constraints, therefore any solution they employ will need to be affordable, effective, and require minimal manpower to operate.

Our company has developed the FOD-Razor® Airport Sweeper to address these needs.

Raleigh Executive Jetport

“The FOD-Razor is easy to use and is very effective in sweeping our pavement. We have had the RAZOR for over a year and it does not appear to have any visible wear and tear.”

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The FOD-Razor® (RZR-8) offers an 8 ft (2.4m) sweeping path and allows sharper turns to navigate relatively narrow surface areas. 

Accordingly, this configuration is well suited for use around gates and other GSE (ground support equipment). It is also ideal for Rapid Response purposes.


FOD-Razor® Duplex

The FOD-Razor® Duplex (RZR-DPLX) offers a 16 ft (4.8m) sweeping path, cutting driving time in half. An attached cross-bar assures that the two FOD sweeper mats tow in tandem, handling turns in a coordinated fashion.

Additionally, each RZR-DPLX can be separated into two individual sweepers, providing your facility with maximum operating flexibility.


FOD-Razor® Triplex

The FOD-Razor® Triplex (RZR-TRPLX) offers a 23 ft (6.7m) sweeping path. Our RZR-TRPLX hitches three sweeper mats in a triangular configuration with an approximate 6-inch overlap between the mats, ensuring that FOD does not escape your sweeping operation.

Also, like the RZR-DPLX, the RZR-TRPLX can be split up and operated as individual FOD-Razors®.

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Grand Prairie Municipal Airport

“The FOD Razor makes it easy to collect FOD.  Even emptying the Razor is easy.  It picks up the smallest washers, screws and safety wire that seem to migrate on to the pavement from aircraft and hangars.  We’d recommend the FOD razor to other airport operators.”

The FOD-Razor® is the #1 Best Selling Friction Sweeper System in the world because: 

  • They are designed for simple and fast one person operation.
  • They require zero maintenance or special training to use.
  • They are light weight and easy to deploy/transport/store.
  • They are compatible with virtually any type of motorized tow vehicle.  
  • They outperform, AND don’t break down like expensive sweeper trucks.
  • They offer the highest debris collection rate at the most competitive price on the market.
  • They are made in and supported from the USA.

Choose the FOD-Razor™ if you are concerned about providing the safest airport environment possible and need an affordable, effective, and practical solution to eliminate FOD.

Cavern City Air Terminal, City of Carlsbad, New Mexico

“The FOD Razor® is a great piece of equipment to remove FOD from Taxiways and Runways. It removes everything down to the small fines!”

MADE IN THE USA Friction Sweeper Technology

Features Include:

  • Durable USA woven nylon-fiber mats that glide over punishing runway and ramp conditions
  • Rugged, abrasion resistant scoops that are guaranteed for 4500+ linear miles
  • High strength, UV resistant vinyl coated meshing to capture collected FOD
fod-razor scoops
Roller Bag
  • A high durability carry bag with removable wheel inserts to make for easy transportation and storage
  • Light weight (approx. 65lbs) design ensures maximum portability and ease of deployment. 
  • Built-in “hitch and forget” weight-release mechanism that prevents overloading and accidental damage
  • A streamlined hitch assembly that offers easier set-up and improved mobility (including a new one-piece lunette adapter)

The right solution for your aviation facility.

Friction mat sweepers are regularly deployed for foreign object damage prevention by the US, NATO, military air forces, civilian airports, and aerospace manufacturers.

Contact us today and learn why the FOD-Razor® Airport Sweeper is used in the most demanding airport operations environments in the world, and why it is the right solution to your sweeping needs.

The FOD-Razor® meets the Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5210-24 standard located in section 5.2 b. (1) and appendix B.1 a. (b).