FOD-Razor® Single Sweeper Assembly (RZR-8)

Need to sweep ramps, aprons or light-duty runways?

Our RZR-8 Single Assembly tows one 8-foot (244 centimeter) wide FOD sweeper mat, providing you with an ample sweeping path that still allows you to make sharper turns and navigate relatively narrow surface areas.  This configuration is well suited for use around gates and other GSE (ground support equipment).

Ultra Portable – Each assembly comes packaged in a high quality carrying case that features a removable wheel bracket that makes deployment a breeze.  With a total weight of less than 65 lbs (30 kg) the sweeper can easily be transported and deployed by a single person. 

Every FOD-Razor RZR-8 that leaves our factory is configured to attach to your choice of one of the following hitch types: straight receiver, pintle hook, E-Hitch, Navy coupler, or tow ball.  If your facility has a different type of hitch, just send us a photo! We can usually fabricate custom hitch adapters for your vehicle.

FOD Razor®



Fast and Effective – 98% + Capture Rate

Simple to use – no downtime.

Scalable – easy to upgrade.

Portable – easy to deploy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in USA – Lifetime Warranty.

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