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Comparing Military FOD Programs

Military aviation organizations typically have a critical requirement for effective foreign object damage prevention (FOD) programs. Their flights provide national security functions, aircraft are often uniquely susceptible to debris ingestion, and suspending operations due to a FOD incident can impact… Read the rest

The Importance of FOD Signs

It is essential to any FOD program that the working environment be properly segmented and clearly marked according to FOD sensitivity. When in place, designated FOD area signs enable workers and visitors to properly identify the level of caution that… Read the rest

Sample Use Case: Overseas Military Deployment

The following scenario illustrates how The FOD Control Corporation’s products can help prepare a deployment format for your military unit. A remote and politically volatile region of the world suddenly explodes into violence. There are multiple military or militia forces… Read the rest

FOD Damage and Mishap Investigation

Historically, 70-75% of FOD events are classified as “cause unknown” which is a mistake. The source of impact damage to an aircraft or engine can be determined in almost every instance with some detective work. This article addresses the issues… Read the rest