TracSweep® FBR-22 (264 inch / 670 cm sweeping path)

Need an oversized foreign object debris (FOD) sweeper for rapid cleaning of large surface areas?

The TracSweep® “Super Tri Link” version is a quick and efficient debris removal machine designed for the largest airport runways and motor. By arranging three Doubleplay sweepers in a triangular configuration, the Super Tri Link gives you a twenty-two-foot wide sweeping path that is perfect for medium-to-large sized airport runways and motor speedways, or large and mostly empty airport ramps and industrial lots.

Need Something Smaller?

The TracSweep® debris removal machine is available in several different configurations to meet your specific facility needs.

The FBR-4 (4’0″ / 122 cm wide sweeping path)

The FBR-8 (8’0″ / 244 cm wide sweeping path)

The FBR-11 (11’5″ / 348 cm wide sweeping path)

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Secure Your High Performance Facility

Removable hoppers make debris disposal a breeze.

Tow with virtually any vehicle.

Rugged design provides years of service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in USA – Lifetime Warranty.

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