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The Ultimate Sports Field Sweeping System

SportSweeper™ turf sweeping equipment collects small debris from all types of Artificial and Natural playing surfaces.

Fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use field turf sweeper! Sweeps and conditions at the same time!

This debris remover is configurable for fields with or without infill.

Nothing sweeps better than a SportSweeper™!


Designed For The Professional Groomers

Professional Installers, Groundskeepers, Maintenance Crews and Sports Facility Operators that turn to this solution have common concerns:

  • They understand the large financial investment that their playing surfaces represent, and they are the ones expected to ensure optimal performance and to prolong their serviceable life by as much as possible.
  • They’ve seen bobby pins, cleats, streamers, sunflower seeds, and other debris littering their fields, and understand the importance of regular field sweeping because it reduces the health and safety risks to players and participants.
  • Frequently, their existing sweeping and maintenance equipment is heavy, complicated, slow, and cumbersome to use. Sometimes this discourages their utilization.
  • They are looking for a sweeping solution that can integrate well with their existing regularly scheduled maintenance operations OR be deployed quickly and effectively on an as needed basis.
  • They want a versatile tool set that can accommodate their diverse playing and sports surfaces, including natural turf fields, synthetic fields with infill, track facilities, and tennis courts.
  • Most of these managers are struggling with time, staff, and budgetary constraints, so any solution they might consider must be affordable, quick to use, and require minimal manpower to operate.

Our company has developed the SportSweeper™ to address these needs.

Game On!

The Sportsweeper™ is a “friction style” sweeper designed to keep playing surfaces clean and safe by removing all types of surface contamination (debris) from sports fields.

Ruggedly constructed with no motorized parts, the Sportsweeper™ is a dependable, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly approach to quickly removing debris from numerous types of sports and playing surfaces.

Designed for operation between 5 and 10 miles per hour, these sweepers are made to be pulled by all types of vehicles; from full size tractors, to small golf carts and UTVs.

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Single SportSweeper™

6 Foot Sweeping Path

    • Cleaning and refining
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Ideal for Rapid Response purposes
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Duplex SportSweeper™

12 foot Sweeping Path

    • Tows in tandem, handling turns in a coordinated fashion
    • Cuts cleaning time in half
    • Can be split into two individual SportSweepers™
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