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The Importance of FOD Signs

It is essential to any FOD program that the working environment be properly segmented and [...]

Wildlife: Airport Management’s Responsibility

Generally, the airport operator bears the greatest responsibility for the management of wildlife hazards. Over [...]

Sample Use Case: Crowded Cargo Ramp

Congratulations! It is your first day on your new job as cargo ramp manager. Surveying the [...]

Managing Wildlife for Airport Operators

Managing wildlife FOD is particularly important to airport operators since the greatest number of wildlife [...]

Pilot Checklist to Prevent Wildlife Strikes

Air operators provide the support and infrastructure that ensures their pilots’ ability to conduct safe [...]

Keep Your Private Aircraft FOD-Free

Keeping your private aircraft clean and in good repair is your first line of defense [...]

FOD Damage and Mishap Investigation

Historically, 70-75% of FOD events are classified as “cause unknown” which is a mistake. The [...]

Comparing Airport Sweeper Equipment

So, instead of looking for the best sweeper available, focus instead on acquiring the most appropriate solution for your [...]

Basic Tools and Parts Control

Basic Tools and Parts Control Established Procedures All work procedures on aircraft must be standardized. This [...]

A Guide for Annual FOD Walks

At times it is not so “voluntary.” If the site manager schedules mandatory FOD walks, [...]