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Reduce Airport Emissions with Unmanned Vehicles

Airports play a crucial role in global transportation, connecting people and goods around the world. However, the aviation industry is also a significant contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and environmental pollution. To combat this, airports are increasingly turning to… Read the rest

Best Practices for Reporting FOD Incidents

By promptly reporting FOD incidents, airport personnel can take proactive measures to prevent accidents and [...]

Effective Strategies to Prevent FOD at Civil Airports

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) poses a significant threat to the safety and infrastructure of civil [...]

The Importance of FOD Signs

It is essential to any FOD program that the working environment be properly segmented and clearly marked according to FOD sensitivity. When in place, designated FOD area signs enable workers and visitors to properly identify the level of caution that… Read the rest

Wildlife: Airport Management’s Responsibility

Generally, the airport operator bears the greatest responsibility for the management of airport wildlife hazards. Over 80% of bird strikes, and certainly most — if not all — mammal strikes, occur within the airport environment. Airport operators can be held… Read the rest

Sample Use Case: Crowded Cargo Ramp

Congratulations! It is your first day on your new job as cargo ramp manager. Surveying the area for the first time, you’re highly impressed that this much chaos can fit into such a small apron. For instance, FOD control is weak,… Read the rest

Managing Wildlife for Airport Operators

Managing wildlife FOD is particularly important to airfield wildlife control operators since the greatest number of wildlife collisions occur within the vicinity of the airport. The courts have also determined that the airport operator is responsible for operating a safe,… Read the rest

Pilot Checklist to Prevent Wildlife Strikes

Air operators provide the support and infrastructure that ensures their pilots’ ability to conduct safe aircraft operations and prevent wildlife strikes. With respect to wildlife foreign object debris/damage, air operators can provide standard operating procedures, employee training and awareness programs,… Read the rest

Keep Your Private Aircraft FOD-Free

Keeping your private aircraft clean and in good repair is your first line of defense against foreign object damage. Routine private aircraft maintenance tasks may seem mundane, but it is vital never to slack off. Aircraft Cleanliness It is best… Read the rest

FOD Damage and Mishap Investigation

Historically, 70-75% of FOD events are classified as “cause unknown” which is a mistake. The source of impact damage to an aircraft or engine can be determined in almost every instance with some detective work. This article addresses the issues… Read the rest