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Picture of the "It's Up To You!" FOD Prevention Booklet

Since its formation in 1983, the FOD Control Corporation has striven to become a leading resource for FOD prevention information, consulting services, and products for both military and commercial organizations designing effective FOD prevention programs. This FOD book is a tangible example of our commitment to the goal of raising awareness and improving the standard of FOD prevention efforts industry wide.

Among the topics covered in this handy FOD book you will find:

  • FOD Definitions
  • An Overview of Typical Hazards
  • General Prevention Practices
  • An Information Resource Guide
  • Information from the latest FAA Advisory Circular on Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management.

Pre-Printed bundles of this booklet (packs of 10) are available for purchase here.   

“This booklet is intended to give aviation professionals help in increasing awareness of FOD threats and developing their own FOD Prevention programs. Prevention is worth the effort in terms of lives, peace of mind, and financial survival.” Gary Chaplin – Founder of the FOD Control Corporation

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