Lower your risks of Foreign Object Damage with the TracSweep® FODBuster®! 

Make foreign object debris (FOD) control a breeze with this compact and efficient traction-powered debris sweeper. The TracSweep® FODBuster® Sweeper will efficiently remove sand, rocks, metal parts, chipped concrete, asphalt, safety wire and other ferrous and non-ferrous debris.

Designed for high-performance surfaces! Airport runways, taxiways and ramps, automotive proving grounds, racetracks and motor speedways, and other facilities where foreign object damage is a critical safety or quality concern. Also efficient on industrial lots, parking lots, small access roads and other surfaces experiencing chronic FOD issues.

Improve safety AND reduce expenses — Your FOD program’s labor and equipment maintenance costs will drop dramatically when you hook up one of these powerful, traction-driven sweepers behind any motor vehicle. Easy to use and very easy to service, the TracSweep® is a smart choice for long term value and improved safety.

Benefits of the TracSweep® FODBuster® Sweeper

  • Picks up larger objects like broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris and ramp-service litter.
  • Manually adjust brush height to meet sweeping conditions; ideal for uneven surfaces, deep cracks or deteriorating pavement.
  • Easy, one-person operation makes hitching and operation a piece of cake. If you can drive a vehicle towing a trailer, you can sweep with a TracSweep®.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Our innovative design eliminates motors, hydraulics, vacuum attachments and fuel – along with the parts, labor and downtime required to service them.
  • Saves you money on replacement parts with our durable, long-life nylon brushes – rated for 6000+ sweeping miles.
  • Long Service Life — expect a lifespan over a decade long with this reliable sweeper.
  • The optional Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper attachment enhances the collection of ferrous metal debris in areas where this is of special concern.
  • Made in the USA!

“It has definitely made our FOD sweeping operation very effective and efficient.” – Himsel Army Airfield, Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center

“We should have bought this unit years ago!”

–Airfield Manager, McClellan AFB

“We really love what the magnetic Power Bar™ attachment adds to our FOD recovery process. We are definitely satisfied with all of the products that we have ordered from your company.” – 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock AFB

Environmental Advantage:

No Combustion – No Emissions

Unlike most Airport sweepers the TracSweep® FODBuster® line are built on light trailers, not heavy, gas-guzzling trucks. Weighing only 780 lbs / 353 kg (model FBR-8, empty weight), it can be towed by virtually any ground support vehicles.

Available in several different sizes and configurations to meet any need!

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Unload FOD safely and easily. The TracSweep® efficiently deposits debris in easily accessible hoppers. Slide out, empty debris, slide back in. Each hopper will hold approximately 40-50 lbs / 18-23 kg.


The best long term durability and sweeping action available in a non-metallic bristle. Our nylon brushes will last twice as long as polypropylene alternatives. Replacement is easy and quick (20 minutes).


With a full 21 inches of adjustment you can tow the TracSweep® behind virtually any vehicle, including high-clearance vehicles. Every unit also includes an adjustable wheeled support jack with foot brake.


Attach one of our optional POWER BAR™ Magnetic Sweepers to remove large and small ferrous metal debris that may be hiding below the surface in aircraft tie-downs, grounding points or concrete expansion joints.


A threaded stainless steel rod attached to a single hand crank makes adjusting brush height easy and fast. Turning the crank clockwise to raise the brush or turning the crank counter clockwise to lower the brush permits a very light bristle-to-ground contact which is all that’s needed with our superior nylon brushes.


Quick and easy deployment via air or truck if needed. With the tow bar detached and strapped to the unit, you can ship or store the sweeper in a vertical position, reducing space requirements.

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