International Orders

Here, at the FOD Control Corporation, we are happy to sell and ship to international customers. In fact, we have worked with customers around the world interested in our products and process international orders frequently. We, and our International Distributors, are ready to help you with your purchase and shipment to your facility anywhere in the world.

Due to the complexities of shipping to foreign destinations, we need to get information from our international customers before processing their order. That means that only our U.S. customers can use our online ordering system. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In order to ship to international destinations, we need to know the method of shipping and the destination country. This will help us calculate the shipping costs through a customs broker that handles shipping to your country. International deliveries involve customs, duties, and taxes due before delivery is complete. These extra fees are part of the costs associated with shipping.

To make sure our quotes for international shipping are correct, we need to communicate with the buyer before committing to the purchase. If you are an international customer and you are in a country not served by one of our International Distributors, you can call us at our Garland, Texas office at 1-520-760-7732. If you would prefer you can also contact us by email at