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Comparing Airport Sweeper Equipment

So, instead of looking for the best airport sweeping equipment available, focus instead on acquiring the most appropriate solution for your specific FOD control program. A high-traffic military airfield in a windy, arid climate with a 24-hour operations schedule and… Read the rest

Basic Tools and Parts Control

Basic Tools and Parts Control Established Procedures All work procedures on aircraft must be standardized. This means everyone doing a specific task will do it the same way, every time. At top levels of the US Air Force guidance of… Read the rest

A Guide for Annual FOD Walks

At times it is not so “voluntary.” If the site manager schedules mandatory FOD walks, “all hands” may be required to participate unless excused by disability or illness. It may not be as desirable, but that is sometimes what it… Read the rest

Airport FOD Meeting – Doing it Right

Basic Agenda for Airport FOD Meetings 1) Introductions Introductions get everyone focused and improves comfort level.   2) Review of Minutes from the Last Airport FOD Meeting Have someone act as group secretary; taking good notes at every meeting. Have them… Read the rest