FOD-Razor® Triplex Sweeper Assembly (RZR-TRplx)

Need to sweep large areas fast?

Our Triplex Assembly hitches three road sweeper mats to a lightweight, collapsible trailer, creating a 23-foot (701 centimeter) sweeping path. This road sweeping equipment arranges the mats in a triangular configuration, with an approximately 6-inch (15-centimeter) overlap between mats to assure that no FOD escapes your sweeping operation.

Portable and Powerful – The Triplex Assembly’s connecting equipment is mostly tubular and collapsible, so you can transport an entire Triplex Assembly via helicopter or light pickup truck, just like the smaller configurations. 

Every RZR-TRPLX trailer assembly that leaves our factory is configured to attach to your choice of one of the following hitch types: straight receiver, pintle hook, or tow ball.  If your facility has a different type of hitch, just send us a photo! We can usually fabricate custom hitch adapters for your vehicle.

Modular Flexibility: You can easily split up your Triplex and tow each FOD sweeper mat behind a separate vehicle as a Single Assembly. This comes in handy if you have multiple sweeping jobs that need to be performed simultaneously, such as during emergency operations or remote deployment.

RZR-8 Trilpex
RZR Triplex



Fast and Effective – 98% + Capture Rate

Simple to use – no downtime.

Scalable – easy to upgrade.

Portable – easy to deploy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in USA – Lifetime Warranty.

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