FOD-Razor® Duplex Sweeper Assembly (RZR-dplx)

Need to sweep larger areas in less time?

Our Duplex Assembly tows two 8-feet (244 centimeters) mats side-by-side to create a 16-foot (488 centimeters) sweeping path that cuts your driving time in half. An attached RZR tow cross-bar assures that the two FOD sweeper mats are towed in tandem, handle turns in a coordinated fashion, and remain a safe distance from the tow vehicle. 

Portable and Powerful – Each mat comes packaged in a high-quality carrying case that features a removable wheel bracket that makes deployment a breeze.  With an individual weight of less than 65 lbs (30 kg) each, the two sweeper mats and the Duplex RZR tow bar can easily be transported and deployed by a single person. 

Every RZR-DPLX that leaves our factory is configured to attach to your choice of one of the following hitch types: straight receiver, pintle hook, E-Hitch, Navy coupler, or tow ball.  If your facility has a different type of hitch, just send us a photo! We can usually fabricate custom hitch adapters for your vehicle.

Modular Flexibility: You can easily split up your Duplex and tow each FOD sweeper mat behind a separate vehicle as a Single Assembly. This comes in handy if you have two sweeping jobs that need to be performed simultaneously, such as during emergency operations or remote deployment.

RZR-8 Duplex



Fast and Effective – 98% + Capture Rate

Simple to use – no downtime.

Scalable – easy to upgrade.

Portable – easy to deploy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in USA – Lifetime Warranty.

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