Getting The Word Out

In order to keep FOD prevention at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you will need to make it a physical part of the workplace.

Getting the FOD word out acknowledges that foreign object damage (FOD) presents a very real threat to your equipment, your personnel and your business. When a foreign object accidentally comes into contact with your equipment, you not only suffer monetary damage, but also put lives at risk.

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FOD prevention should be on the minds of all of your employees, from the time they clock in until the time they go home, and the importance of ongoing awareness programs cannot be stressed enough. Getting the message out there in a way that attracts and holds workers’ attention is essential for long-term safety and success.

The Importance of Ongoing Awareness Programs

If you hold just one FOD awareness activity per year, your employees will quickly forget about FOD and their adherence to safety measures may slowly decline until the next meeting or training session. In order to prevent this slippage, you need to devise ongoing awareness programs that make FOD prevention a common, unceasing thought in the workplace.

The goal of these programs is to make FOD prevention second nature and to encourage workers to talk and think about FOD throughout every step of the processes they follow. Here are a few awareness tips for FOD warnings.

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Use Bright Signs and Materials

Your employees are less likely to look past a sign that’s brightly colored than one that’s black and white. Place colorful signs in areas that employees frequent. While you certainly want to place them in FOD-sensitive areas, make sure you include informative signs and FOD warning signs in break rooms and other relaxed areas, too, so workers can read them in their downtime. Place FOD informational pamphlets in an easy-to-see container or dispenser in your break rooms, restrooms, and waiting areas to encourage casual reading.

Make Sure Your Signs are Easy to Read When Getting the FOD Word Out

Choose fonts that are clearly legible, so there is no question as to what your signs say. If you have workers that speak several languages, make sure you offer signs and FOD informational material in these languages, so no one misses out on the vital information.

Replace Your Information Regularly

As employees get used to seeing a certain sign on the wall or a certain pamphlet in the break room, they will naturally adapt to it and start looking past it. Keep FOD warnings in the forefront by replacing your materials often. This generates new interest, and catches workers’ attention. You also have a better chance of appealing to your workers’ wide array of personal styles of preferences when you alternate between several different types of materials.

FOD Free Poster

Use Humor to Retain Interest in the Campaign of Getting the FOD Word Out

This goes for both your physical signs and informational handouts as well as your FOD prevention meetings and training sessions. Stressing the importance of ongoing awareness programs to your employees is not always enough to hold their interest in the long term. However, if they begin looking forward to training sessions because they contain humor or can’t wait for you to get new FOD warning signs because they’re funny, you’ll always have their interest.

These awareness tips and the many others on this site can help you keep your FOD prevention program well-known and well-adhered. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and share your success in getting the FOD word out with others in the industry.