What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 is the International Aerospace Industry Quality Management Standard.

It is specifically written by the aerospace industry to improve quality and ensure the integrity of supplies to the industry. It has been published in Europe as EN 9100, in the United States as AS 9100 and in the Far East as SJAC 9100.

AS 9100 is applicable to organizations that design and manufacture products for the aerospace industry including parts, components and assemblies.

Suggested Resources

Check out our articles on Controlling FOD in a Manufacturing Facility or How to Set Up a FOD Program for more information.

The AS 9100 standard is based on the tested and proven foundation of ISO 9001. It supplements with specific additional requirements including the requirement for an active and robust FOD Prevention Program.

Following the steps outlined on this website will help you meet this requirement. It will also position you well for any certification audit that you might face.