Using Magnetic Sweepers To Prevent Tire Damage

In industries such as construction, logistics, manufacturing, and maintenance, debris and foreign objects on surfaces can pose a significant risk to tires, leading to potential damage, downtime, and costly repairs.

However, with the advancement of technology, tools like magnetic sweepers have emerged as a dependable solution to efficiently remove metallic debris and prevent tire damage in demanding environments.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of magnetic sweepers to prevent tire damage, with a focus on the offerings provided by the FOD Control Corporation’s magnetic sweeper product line.

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Ensuring Safe Surfaces with Magnetic Sweepers

Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper (mounted, side view)
A powerful magnetic bar under your vehicle will collect nails, screws, and other metallic hardware.

One of the essential aspects of maintaining safety in various industries is ensuring clean and debris-free surfaces.

Magnetic sweepers, such as the Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweepers offered by The FOD Control Corporation, play a crucial role in achieving this objective.

These sweepers utilize the strongest ferrite/ceramic magnets available, with a remarkable 3.5 Million Energy Product.

Maximum Magnetic Strength and Durability

The Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweepers by FOD Control Corporation are mounted on a thick steel plate, which effectively directs the magnetic field to the bottom of the bar, enhancing their performance. Additionally, the magnetic sweepers are encased in aluminum alloy tubing, providing exceptional durability even in demanding environments. This ensures that the magnetic sweepers maintain their powerful attraction, regardless of weather conditions. Their magnetic strength is guaranteed for life.

Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper mounted under a truck
The Power Bar™ collects ferrous metals and protects tires

By utilizing magnetic sweepers, businesses can easily and efficiently remove metallic debris from surfaces, including parking lots, construction sites, and industrial areas.

The strong magnetic fields generated by these sweepers effectively attract and capture metal shards, nails, screws, and other hazardous metallic objects that can cause tire punctures or other equipment damage.

Preventing Tire Damage and Costly Repairs

The presence of metallic debris on surfaces poses a significant risk to tires, potentially leading to punctures, blowouts, and other damages. By implementing magnetic sweepers as a regular maintenance practice, businesses can minimize the probability of encountering tire-related incidents, thus preventing costly downtime, repairs, and replacements.

The durable magnetic sweepers offered by the FOD Control Corporation provide a reliable solution to proactively reduce the risk of tire damage and associated expenses. They cater to a wide range of applications, including parking lots, runways, assembly areas, warehouses, and construction sites. Their versatile product line ensures that businesses across industries can effectively address debris removal and tire protection requirements.


The advantages of magnetic sweepers cannot be underestimated when it comes to maintaining debris-free surfaces, protecting tires, and preventing costly damage and downtime.

The FOD Control Corporation’s magnetic sweepers are manufactured in the USA and offer superior magnetic strength and durability, ensuring effective debris removal and minimizing the risk of tire-damage and its consequences.

By incorporating these advanced solutions into regular maintenance practices, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and prioritize worker and equipment safety.

Magnetic Sweepers
Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper

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