Prevent Foreign Object Damage, Pilferage & Electrostatic Discharge! Keep track of your small parts on the work site or at the work bench with the durable, portable, and dust-free TREY™ small parts organizer case. Secure and label your rivets, wire, nuts, bolts, electronic components and other items that might become dangerous FOD if not kept safe and secure.

  • Comply with parts inventory requirements in designated FOD-sensitive areas
  • Protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge
  • Conveniently stackable — create multiple parts kits for complex projects
  • Bring an empty TREY™ along to help organize a remove-repair-replace job

Secure Compartment Lids

  • Spring-loaded to remain closed unless you hold them open
  • See-through so you can see where each part is stored
  • Opens easily with one finger
  • Curved bottom for quick parts removal

Environmental Advantage:

Improve your facility’s “green” footprint! Our TREY™ small component organizers are made from polypropylene or thermoplastic, which can usually be recycled at the end of their service life.*

Available in various sizes with optional inserts for tiny parts control.

Choose From 4 Unique TREY™ Product Lines

SRUC (Solvents): Durable polypropylene construction protects parts from spilled solvents and other chemicals, plus from impact in rough work environments.

ET (Extreme): Even more durable thermoplastic rubber protects it from very rough work environments, plus from jet fuels, grease and other chemicals.

CM (Conductive Material): A network of carbon nanotubes insulates sensitive parts, such as electrical components, from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).**

UT (Ultraviolet): If a spring, lid or other Trey™ component breaks off and disappears, shine an ultraviolet lamp and it will literally glow in the dark.

*The CM line contains carbon, which may affect its recyclability.
**The CM line is the only Trey™ design that is ESD-compatible. Do not use the SRUC, ET or UT lines for ESD protection.

Download the TREY™ product brochure (PDF)