8 Compartment ThermoPlastic Rubber TREY®


Introducing the newly redesigned “Next Generation” ET-8 TREY® Eight Compartment small parts organizer.

The new ET-8 compartment tray has been improved with:

  • Reformulated Thermoplastic Rubber to provide even more resilience in a wide range of serviceable temperatures (-40 C to 150 C).
  • Transparent lids now incorporate super-shatter resistant Poly-Carbonate (which is the same material used to make bullet-proof teller windows)
  • Ergonomic improvements include the elimination of all sharp corners (preventing damage to work items from accidental drops) and improved hardware (that eliminates the possibility of snags or scratching).

The ET-8 has 8 individual compartments with 8 individually spring-loaded lids.


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