2 Compartment UV Reactive Polypropylene TREY®


Introducing the ALL NEW UT-2 “ULTRA” TREY® Two Compartment stackable small parts organizer.

This revolutionary TREY® 2 compartment container has been developed under the guidance of a European Aerospace giant to meet their exacting safety requirements for FOD prevention in aircraft assembly areas.

Designed to meet these industry leading standards the UT-8 features:

  • Ultraviolet reactive Polypropylene is used to form the TREY® body.
  • Ultraviolet reactive Polypropylene is used to coat all metallic hardware (preventing any possible metal-on-metal contact).
  • Ultraviolet reactive transparent lids now incorporate super-shatter resistant Poly-Carbonate (which is the same material used to make bullet-proof teller windows)
  • Ultra TREY’s® are designed without sharp corners (preventing damage to work items from accidental drops) and ‘safety first’ hardware (that eliminates the possibility of snags or scratching during operation).

The UT-2 has 2 large compartments that run the length of the organizer (1 on either side of the handle). Optional inserts are available to accommodate a wide range of customization and individual kitting needs.


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