Airside FOD Can Holder



Why strap coffee cans onto poles until they blow away in a jet blast? Deploy this versatile FOD collection, containment and disposal system to multiple outdoor locations on the airside and keep your peace of mind intact.

Mount the FODCAN Holder (part number FCH-100) to:

  • Any horizontal or vertical square or round tubing up to two-and-three-eights inches outside diameter
  • Any parking lot bollards (safety posts) up to four-and-a-half inches outside diameter
  • Any flat surface that can be drilled

Durable, long-lasting construction:

  • Can remain outdoors continuously 24 / 7 / 365
  • Sturdy carbon-steel materials
  • Always looks great with a high-quality powder coating finish

Included five-gallon plastic FODCAN (part number FC-5P):

  • Convenient snap-shut hinged lid keeps FOD in and weather out
  • Stays secure against wind or jet blast via top red cross-bar
  • Detaches quickly from the FCH-100 for easy disposal of collected debris
  • One FODCAN included with each FCH-100


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