FOD Walk Report and Template

FOD walks are activities designed to get as many people as possible to a particular site so that they can walk through an area or flight line to retrieve trash, rocks, loose metal objects, or anything else that may be or could become a FOD hazard. Although most often associated with runway clean-ups, FOD walks can be performed in many different types of areas – including manufacturing, maintenance, or assembly areas; anyplace where FOD may accumulate over time (even if it is just one working shift).

The purpose of a FOD walk is two-fold. First, it is clearly an exercise to collect FOD materials that have accumulated. Second, and equally importantly, it is an effort to raise awareness amongst the participants of the kinds of FOD that can accumulate and the challenge of staying on top of FOD prevention.

Make no mistake, the guy in the accounting department will have a much better appreciation for the challenge of FOD prevention once he has had an opportunity to climb under an assembly table and collect some wire clippings firsthand. The more people that can participate the better – getting people out of their usual offices and work areas is part of the goal.

Download an example:

FOD Walk Report (.pdf)

FOD Walk Report (.xlsx)

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FOD Walk Report