Replacement Mats

FOD-Razor® Single Unit

Need a new FOD mat for your existing assembly? We can supply you with a FOD mat only for use with your existing hitch adapters.

  • If you already have our FOD-Razor® sweeper assembly, order part# RZR-R. This mat will connect properly to your FOD-Razor® hitch adapters.
  • If you already have a FOD*BOSS® sweeper assembly (but want to start towing our FOD-Razor® mats instead), order part# RZR-B. This FOD mat is identical to the RZR-R, except that it is outfitted with a FOD*BOSS® compatible tow-arm. *

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GSA Contract Holder


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FOD-Razor Mark 2
NASCAR Competition Partner

* The FOD Control Corporation is not associated with Aerosweep Pty Ltd, manufacturer of the FOD*BOSS®.