Sweeping Equipment

The FOD Control Corporation specializes in efficient, portable, and cost-effective Foreign Object Debris sweepers for airport runways, ramps, access roads and parking lots, as well as non-aviation facilities requiring small debris control like race tracks and automotive proving grounds. Whether you manage a major international airport, a small GA airfield, an overseas military deployment, a professional race track, or an aerospace manufacturing plant, our professional FOD sweepers will keep your personnel safe and your assets secure.

RZR-8 Duplex

The FOD-Razor® Sweeping System 

An affordable, high-quality, portable friction mat sweeping system that excels at picking up small debris from paved surfaces.

Offering unparalleled FOD capture rates over any commercially available technology. this system is used by leading Air Forces, Motorsport Racing Associations, and Airports of all sizes around the world.

The FOD-Razor® Sweeping System is available in several different configurations to accommodate facilities of any size and nature. Learn more…



FOD-Razor Duplex

FOD-Razor® Duplex


FOD-Razor® Triplex

TracSweep® Rotary Brush Sweeper

A heavy-duty, compact and effective traction powered rotary brush system, which requires no fuel and only light maintenance.  

Easily removeable slide-out hoppers makes FOD disposal a breeze. 

No combustion engine means no emissions or customary engine maintenance.

Efficiently picks up larger objects like broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris and ramp-service litter with ease. Learn more…


TracSweep® FBR-4


TracSweep® FBR-8


TracSweep® FBR-11

TracSweep® FBR-22

TracSweep® FBR-22


RAMP VAC™ Vacuum Sweepers

Designed to handle your broad area sweeping requirements around hardstands, passenger gates, along fences, around and behind GSE or vehicles – the RampVac™ walk-behind vacuum sweeper makes FOD collection in busy operational areas easier than ever.  Features a powerful 6HP gasoline powered engine and a wide 30″ sweeping path.  Learn more…

CrackSweep™ Vacuum Sweepers

Designed especially to rid your ramp of embedded Foreign Object Debris in recessed areas, the CrackSweep™ walk-behind vacuum sweeper uses a simple principle of aerodynamics — restricting airflow increases its velocity — to concentrate suction straight down into hard-to-reach places, such as grounding points, cracks, aircraft tie downs, concrete expansion joints and door tracks. Learn more…


POWER BAR™ Magnetic Sweepers

Look no further for high-quality industrial magnets. Rid your site of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, dropped tools, metal scraps and general iron-based debris. Our magnetic sweeper bars maintain their powerful attraction in all weather conditions.

Plus, all POWER BAR™ products carry our Lifetime Magnetic Field Strength Warranty. Learn more…