FOD Inspection Checklist and Template

Obtaining accurate information with a FOD Inspection checklist is a critical step towards preventing FOD. Without it, other elements in your FOD Prevention Checklist may be misguided, and a waste of valuable time and resources. FOD inspection is the best way to obtain real-time information. It can also play a key role in determining the health of any program.

Random daily or weekly checks of work and operations areas will help ensure compliance to standards, regulations, and procedures. An effective FOD audit checklist documents the date and time of any inspections, the auditor, the shift, the area, and any problems found. Use codes whenever possible. This helps to reduce the auditor’s time, ease data entry, and facilitate and standardize sorting the data for reports.

Download example inspection template:

FOD Inspection Checklist (.pdf)

FOD Inspection Checklist (.xlsx)

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FOD Inspection Checklist