FOD and Fuel Caddy

Securely store test fuel and foreign object debris (FOD) on your helicopter landing area or other flight line with the purpose built FOD and Fuel Caddy™ (FFC-1). Don’t risk operations safety with an improvised solution! 


  • Durable, powder coated, high-quality aluminum housing ensures 10+ years of ZERO maintenance.
  • Uniquely designed to minimize wind profile in heliport and other air operations environments.
  • Louvred vents minimize risk of explosive fumes, grounding cables minimize risk of static discharge.
  • Removable sand bags provide ballast and portability.
  • Recessed carrying handles for easy positioning.
  • Tethered door and secure latches for maximum safety.


Optional Accessory Package Includes:

  • Glass fuel testing jars
  • Five gallon OSHA-compliant waste fuel can with funnel
  • Handy five gallon FOD bucket with “BUST FOD” decal
  • Stainless steel spill capture/drip tray that makes access and clean- up a breeze
  • Durable Polypropylene sandbags (you supply the sand) providing over 150 lbs of ballast and portability


Environmental Advantage:

The FOD & Fuel Caddy™ is designed to provide a secure and readily accessible location to safely dispose of sampled aviation fuel – fuel that would otherwise be dumped onto your flight surfaces where it could ultimately seep into the ground water table.   

The exterior of the pyramid-shaped housing is “powder-coated” which — unlike spray-painting — releases little or no solvents or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. Plus, powder coating is durable and more resistant to chipping and scratching than regular paint. Green technology and great quality at the same time!


FOD & Fuel Caddy™ Quote Request Form

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