Corrective Action Plan Guideline and Template

Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD) has been a serious problem throughout the aerospace industry including manufacturing, maintenance, and operations. FOD costs the aviation industry millions of dollars every year. Most foreign object damage can be attributed to four factors: poor housekeeping, facilities breaking down, improper maintenance, and inadequate practices operation. Aviation safety is of the utmost importance so it is essential to have a Corrective Action Plan in place.

Once FOD has been identified, a Corrective Action Plan should be developed to avoid recurrence of the problem. The plan lays out the planned steps or individual activities that must be taken to prevent the problem from happening again. In addition, the corrective action plan format template assigns target dates for completion.

Download a free Excel or PDF correction action plan example:

Corrective Action Plan (.pdf)

Corrective Action Plan (.xlsx)

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Corrective Action Plan