The FOD SUIT™ (Coveralls)


For professional FOD compliance. These coveralls will provide maximum protection from foreign object contamination.

Designed for aerospace and critical industrial applications, our professional-grade white coveralls are the ultimate solution for workers in FOD-sensitive environments. These heavy-duty coveralls offer a combination of durability, comfort, and safety, ensuring that you meet all safety directives while providing your workers with the best protection possible.

With no pockets, buttons, zippers or metal parts, these coveralls prevent small objects from entering FOD sensitive areas, making them the perfect choice for those who need to comply with strict safety regulations. The Velcro chest and neck closure, adjustable Velcro ankle closures, and elastic wrist cuffs make these coveralls easy to wear, while the breathable 8.8 Oz Cotton Bull Denim material ensures comfort and durability during extended use.

Not only are these coveralls designed for comfort and safety, but they’re also machine washable and available in sizes Small through 2XL, with larger sizing available upon special request. Choose from classic white, or order a minimum of 40 units in additional colors to suit your specific needs.

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