RampVac™ Vacuum


RAMP VAC™ with Quick Draw Side Hose

To handle your broad area sweeping requirements around hardstands, passenger gates, along fences, around and behind GSE or vehicles – put the RAMP VAC™ into play. This powerful FODZILLA hunts down debris across larger sweeping areas inaccessible to other sweepers. The full 30″ intake covers territory, and the Quick Draw side hose and auto baffle give your operator the ability to reach into places where “sleeper” FOD threats lurk to ambush crews less diligent than yours.

Use the RAMP VAC™ to handle sweeping of any location on the perimeter of your operations ramp where debris gathers. Hidden corners, spaces between equipment and buildings or fences, GSE parking spots all of these and many more are collecting points for treacherous trash that can blow onto your aircraft operations area without warning, take those sucker-punch threats out of contention with the RAMP VAC™ walk behind vacuum sweeper! 

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