60″ Power Bar With Wear Shield


The MW-60 POWER BAR Sweeper is 60″ wide and can be attached easily to any vehicle.  Identical to the excellent M-60 long magnetic sweeper, except this unit comes with a replaceable, high-density, neoprene rubber wear shield that wraps around the entire magnet. This provides extra protection from rough, uneven surfaces, parking lot dividers, curbs or other obstructions that may cause premature wear to the unit’s casing.  Shielded from the rough stuff, the MW-60 can give you decades of trouble-free service.

Aviation operations needing reliable cleanup can depend on the MW-60 POWER BAR.  Anyone who can drive can operate it. As the vehicle carries the POWER BAR along wherever it’s traveling, this powerful, permanent magnet picks up ferrous metal debris – the operator simply brushes off the collected metal into a secure container as needed.

We back the MW-60 up with a lifetime warranty on the magnetic field strength.


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