Sample FOD Database and Template

FOD incidents are danger signals of ineffective control methods or practices. Identifying the causes requires detective work and analysis. Analysis requires data.

To be helpful, data must be collected regularly, recorded in a consistent format and provided in easy-to-understand FOD Program Information Reports. These database analysis reports point to trends, identify specific problems and lead to corrective measures.

Suggested Resources

Check out our articles on What is FOD? or How to Set Up a FOD Program for more information.

Accurate information is critical. Without it, other elements of your FOD Prevention Program may be misguided, and a waste of valuable time and resources. Determining the key data elements to track, who will collect the data, input and retrieve it, what formats are desired and who will receive/act on the information are all parts of the planning. The goal is to produce FOD database analysis reports/charts in simple, usable language.  

The attached sample database template can be used as a basis for this effort. Use this Excel spreadsheet to record all the data elements to be tracked. Consistency and uniformity of codes used is vital for accurate sorting of the data when producing reports. Begin collecting data for a trial period before officially establishing the FOD analysis database report to assure that all the elements desired are included.

Download a sample database:

Sample FOD Database (.pdf)

Sample FOD Database (.xlsx)

Sample FOD database