“Make It FOD Free!” FOD Prevention Program Manual


The ultimate guide to creating, implementing and managing effective FOD prevention programs for airports, airlines, military, manufacturers and fixed base operators.

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Here’s an easy way to create an effective FOD prevention program!

MAKE IT FOD FREE! is the first and only comprehensive manual providing tools to create, implement, expand and maintain an effective FOD Prevention Program. Thirteen pioneering aviation FOD program experts — with over 150 years of combined experience — provide twelve chapters of detailed guidance. Using their hands-on skills and knowledge to your advantage, you will:

  • Discover a step-by-step presentation of the elements needed to start, maintain or improve a FOD Program.
  • Find information that is simple, clear and orderly — and use it immediately.
  • Understand how to establish and achieve realistic FOD prevention goals.
  • Learn how to analyze and report the true costs and impact of FOD.
  • Receive tips on securing the budget necessary for program implementation and success.

MAKE IT FOD FREE! is where the policy meets the pavement. Get your FOD program rolling!