FOD Awareness Mini-Poster Series (package of 25)


Each of our five distinctive FOD Awareness Mini-Posters has a different FOD prevention awareness graphic and message on front and back, for a total of ten different messages and graphics.

This makes it easy to insure your FOD awareness promotional effort  won’t become “wallpaper for the old bulletin board.” To deliver a fresh idea, simply flip each one over to display the next powerful graphic and message! On the next cycle, move each FOD Awareness Mini-Poster to the next display location, make a circuit of your facility, and you’ll have two fresh messages available at each position.

FOD Awareness Mini-Posters come to you in packs of 25 pieces- five each of the five different Mini-Posters. Here are your tools – order now and get the good word “Out To Your People!”



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Promote FOD control to your employees with the FOD Awareness Mini-Poster Series. Each of these full color 8.25″ x 9″ posters are designed to hang on bulletin boards and in other areas where large posters are not appropriate. Present a powerful message, and keep it fresh by cycling them to new locations around your facility. (Package of 25 MiniPosters – five sets of the five different MiniPosters.