8 Compartment ThermoPlastic Rubber TREY (Pack of 20)


Introducing the newly redesigned “Next Generation” ET-8 TREY Eight Compartment small parts organizer.

The new ET-8 has been improved with:

  • Reformulated Thermoplastic Rubber to provide even more resilience in a wide range of serviceable temperatures (-40 C to 150 C).
  • Transparent lids now incorporate super-shatter resistant Poly-Carbonate (which is the same material used to make bullet-proof teller windows)
  • Ergonomic improvements including the elimination of all sharp corners (preventing damage to work items from accidental drops) and improved hardware (that eliminates the possibility of snags or scratching).

The ET-8 has 8 individual compartments with 8 individually spring loaded lids.

Sold in packs of 20.


Parts, Parts & More Parts.
Keep them organized on the worksite or in bench stock with the TREY. Use this dust free, portable container for rivets, wire ties and terminals, nuts, bolts, electronic components, or whatever. Use an empty TREY to make it easy to organize a remove-repair-replace job.

See-Through Compartment Covers
Each one spring loaded. Lets you view what’s needed–but keeps the part where it belongs until it is needed.

Convenient Access
Each compartment opens easily and is sized for easy finger entry with a curved bottom for quick parts removal.

Set up the kits you need, label the compartments if desired, and stack ’em!

Cut Down Foreign Object Damage, Inadvertent Pilferage, and Waste!
With the TREY, your days of shirt pocket or zip lock bag parts storage and transport are over. The parts stay in the TREY where they belong – and don’t accidentally go home at night into the garage coffee can. And with the individual compartments labeled properly, if a part was removed but unused, it can be easily returned to its exact spot in the kit… instead of going into the miscellaneous parts barrel.


Thermoplastic Rubber: a material used in applications such as motor mounts, truck bumpers, hammer handles, weather stripping, gaskets, seals, fuel lines, wire insulation, welding cables, and cart wheels.


Exterior Dimensions: 12-7/8"L x 7-1/4"W x 2"H


Average Weight: 1.3lb (.58kg)