Lower your risks of Foreign Object Damage with this workhorse! Make runway and ramp sweeping a breeze with this compact and efficient mechanical brush system for removing sand, rocks, metal parts, chipped concrete, asphalt, safety wire and other ferrous and non-ferrous objects. Get top-notch value for your sweeping dollars — your FOD removal costs drop dramatically when you hook up one of these efficient, traction-driven FODBUSTERS® to your flight line vehicle and turn it into a powerful sweeping machine.

“We have been using the FODBUSTER® for over a year now and it is working great! It has definitely made our FOD sweeping operation very effective and efficient.” – Himsel Army Airfield, Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center (October 19, 2017)

Benefits of the FODBUSTER® FOD Sweeper

  • Picks up larger objects like broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris and ramp-service litter.
  • Manually adjust brush height to meet sweeping conditions; ideal for uneven surfaces, deep cracks or deteriorating pavement.
  • Easy, one-person operation makes hitching and operation a piece of cake. If you can drive a vehicle towing a trailer, you can sweep with a FODBUSTER®.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Our innovative design eliminates motors, hydraulics, vacuum attachments and fuel – along with the parts, labor and downtime required to service them.
  • Saves you money on replacement parts with our durable, long-life nylon brushes – rated for 6000+ sweeping miles.
  • Long Service Life — expect a lifespan over a decade long with this reliable sweeper.
  • The optional Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper attachment enhances the collection of ferrous metal debris in areas where this is of special concern.
  • Made in the USA!

“We really love what the magnetic Power Bar™ attachment adds to our FOD recovery process. We are definitely satisfied with all of the products that we have ordered from your company.” – 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock AFB

Environmental Advantage:

Unlike most magnetic sweepers, the FODBUSTER® is a light trailer, not a heavy, gas-guzzling truck. Weighing only 780 lbs / 353 kg (model FBR-8, empty weight), it can be towed by most ground support vehicles.

Available in several different sizes and configurations

“We should have bought this unit years ago!” – Airfield Manager, McClellan AFB

GSA Contract Holder


“Works Perfect! You should be getting more orders very soon.” – 36th Airlift Wing, Dover AFB


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