The FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER Series successfully takes “thinking long term” into account. And with our Standard Tri-Link or new Super Tri-Link Assemblies your airfield sweeper procurement, maintenance and operating man-hour costs can be slashed to new lows!

The FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER is available in several different configurations to meet your unique needs.

The FBR-4

4’0″ / 122 cm wide sweeping path.



The FBR-8

8’0″ / 244 cm wide sweeping path.



The FBR-11 “Standard Tri-Link Assembly”

11’5″ / 348 cm wide sweeping path.



The FBR-22 “Super Tri-Link Assembly”

22′ / 670 cm wide sweeping path.

FBR-22 Sweeping

When other sweeping methods simply won’t provide the performance and long term “value for dollars” required to earn your business, get the job done right with the FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER ®.

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Performance Satisfaction Guarantee

If, at any time in the first thirty days after receiving the FODBUSTER, the purchaser is not completely satisfied with the operating performance of the product, they may return it for a full refund. A copy of the product warranty is available upon request.

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