The following scenario illustrates how The FOD Control Corporation’s products can solve foreign object damage control problems.

Your Problem

Helicopter over AfghanistanA remote, politically volatile region of the world suddenly explodes into violence, with multiple military or militia forces now in open conflict. Your government has ordered its own military to intervene as rapidly as possible.

As a maintenance chief, you prepare to deploy with a small advance team via helicopters and light trucks to a remote, abandoned civilian airfield. Once there, you will prepare it for landing operations, including fighters and other FOD-sensitive aircraft.

You expect the runway and ramps to be littered with debris, with more tracking in regularly from adjacent, unimproved real estate. Your orders are to clear them within a matter of days, so there isn’t enough time to transport heavy vacuum sweepers through potentially hostile territory.

Your Options

  • FOD Walks. Most of the team forms a single line and walks across the tarmac, visually searching for and picking up debris. Advantage: No need for special equipment, so you can start immediately. Disadvantage: Ties up scarce human resources, so you can’t do it repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Local Contracting. Hire local people who have street sweepers, portable vacuums or even brooms. Advantage: Frees up military team members to perform their primary tasks and leverages local assets. Disadvantage: Takes too long to developing local business relationships and vet locals for possible security risks.
  • Portable Sweepers. You bring with you sweeping equipment small enough to fit into helicopters, light trucks or armored vehicles. Advantage: Effective debris-clearing that can be accomplished immediately upon arrival. Disadvantage: You need to have already purchased the sweepers and have them available for deployment.

Your Solution

For immediate action:
  • You locate several small, lightweight FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweepers owned by air combat squadrons at you host base, then borrow one or more.
  • Your team hand-carries them, along with the rest of your light equipment, aboard various transport aircraft and vehicles until you reach the remote airfield.
  • Upon arrival, your team attaches the FOD-Razors™ to its existing ground vehicles, then tows them across the AOA until it is cleared for landing operations.
For follow-up action:
  • Once per day you organize a FOD Walk to supplement regular sweeping and reinforce FOD Awareness throughout the team.
  • After critical areas have been cleared, you begin contracting with locals to sweep non-critical areas, such as access roads and parking lots.
  • You purchase one or more FOD-Razors™ so that your unit will have a dedicated inventory of sweepers for that base.

FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper, Triplex VersionFOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper, Triplex Version

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