Awareness, Training

The Importance Of Data

by PHILIP J. MESSENGER Accurate Data + Thorough Analysis + Effective Action = Fewer FOD Incidents Wherever aerospace products are manufactured or flown, a philosophy and culture of FOD Prevention spanning the entire operation is vital to assure product integrity,… Read the rest

How Do I Prevent FOD?

by FRED REID Among the best pieces of advice I’ve heard in the past is to remember to use your eyes, ears and mind. If you’re entering or already working in the Aerospace or High-Tech Manufacturing field, you have proven… Read the rest

The Hidden Cost Of FOD

by RICHARD FRIEND How much does FOD cost the aerospace industry? During my two-year tour at Pyestock — the former National Gas Turbine Research Establishment and past home of Sir Frank Whittle (founder of the gas turbine engine and his… Read the rest