The Mark 2 version has a longer, more maneuverable tow-arm.
The Mark 2 version has a longer, more maneuverable tow-arm.

How does the FOD-Razor® capture FOD?

When you tow the FOD-Razor® across paved surfaces, a series of custom engineered narrow panels covered with nylon bristles latch onto debris, pulling the debris underneath the panels as the sweeper moves. Kinetic energy is then imparted into this debris causing it to be deflected up and into a series of durable Thermoplastic scoops, where it collects for later disposal.

Debris is trapped within the scoop capture zones by a durable and removable mesh cover, as well as a unique USA-developed rubber “motion dampening” backing that helps prevents debris movement and loss, rendering “ridged retention blades” unnecessary.

This unique method of sweeping allows for unparalleled capture rates that greatly exceed other types of mechanical or vacuum powered sweepers.

How efficient is it?

We estimate a 95% to 98% capture rate in a single pass. It is most efficient at picking up small surface FOD, such as sand, safety wire, hardware, hand tools and pavement chunks. It is not designed to collect large “bouncing” FOD such as soda cans, or FOD in recessed areas such as post holes.*

*(Check out our innovative CrackSweep High Suction FOD Killer, a special-duty sweeper for collecting embedded FOD in recessed areas.)

How accepted is this technology?

Friction mat sweepers are regularly deployed for foreign object damage prevention by US, NATO, and other air forces, civilian airports and airlines of all sizes, aerospace manufacturers and automotive proving grounds. The FOD-Razor® meets the equipment specifications for friction mat sweepers in Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5210-24, Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management, section 5.2 b. (1) and appendix B.1 a. (b).

What is the maximum sweeping capacity?

If the vehicle is towing the FOD-Razor® at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour:

  • The Single Assembly sweeps 97,600 square meters per hour;
  • The Duplex Assembly sweeps 195,200 square meters per hour;
  • The Triplex Assembly sweeps 280,400 square meters per hour.

This does not include any time spent during vehicle stops to empty the mat or for other reasons.

Single Assembly = 8 ft (244 cm); Duplex Assembly = 16 ft (488 cm); Triplex Assembly = 23 ft (701) cm.

Pintle Hook Adapter (yellow) attached to Pintle Hook (black).
Pintle Hook Adapter (yellow) attached to Pintle Hook (black).


Tow Ball Adapter attached to standard 50mm tow ball.
Tow Ball Adapter attached to standard 50mm tow ball.

What kind of vehicle can FOD-Razor® hitch to?

Just about anything on wheels with a tow hitch. If you can drive it, you can drag a FOD-Razor® behind it. Plus, we supply a range of hitch adapters that allow you to connect our sweeper to pintle hooks, couplers, tow-balls and straight hitches.

How fast can I tow it?

Operational towing speed is between 5 and 25 mph (8 and 40 kph). We have found that keeping your towing speed between 10 and 15 mph (16 and 24 kph) results in the best combination of capture rate and sweeper wear.

Does it work in rain, wind and snow?

The FOD-Razor® collects FOD just as efficiently in rainy, damp or dry weather. It is not designed for snow removal.

Monitor it for stability during windy conditions. The assembly incorporates a weighted hitch-arm with a proprietary retention spring that holds the sweeper in place during usage, rendering a “ground force” adapter unnecessary.

Can I digitally track sweeping operations?

Yes! Our sweeper is compatible with any GPS tracking app.

How portable is it?

The mat weighs approximately 60 lbs (27 kg) and can be rolled up and carried by one person. The tow-hitch adapters weight much less and can be carried in a sturdy cardboard box. The optional Triplex Trailer is collapsible for easy transport. All equipment can be deployed to remote locations via a helicopter or light pickup truck.

In addition, the rolled-up mats can be stored directly on top of the Triplex Trailer or Duplex Trailer when not in use.

The Mark 2 hitch assembly swivels more freely, increasing maneuverability when the tow vehicle makes a turn.
The Mark 2 hitch assembly swivels more freely, increasing maneuverability when the tow vehicle makes a turn.

Do you provide training?

The FOD-Razor® is simple to operate and requires no special training or licensing. The included Operator’s Manual provides all necessary set-up and sweeping instructions.

Do you provide technical support?

We provide unlimited free tech support via phone, email and fax during normal business hours for as long as you need it. No registration or password is required. If you or anyone on your crew has a question about setup, operations, maintenance or anything else, just ask us!

What kind of maintenance does it require?

There are no motors, engines, fuel or hydraulics to worry about. The mat can be periodically washed with soap and water. Your team can spend their time cleaning the tarmac, not the sweeper. Plus, the savings on parts and maintenance will add even more smart dollars to your bottom line.

What is the lifespan of the mat?

It depends upon the sweeping surface and operating conditions. We estimate at least 4,500 miles (7,242 km) on a concrete or asphalt-concrete flight area. Rough surfaces may increase wear. To assure a long lifespan, operate and maintain the equipment according to the Operator’s Manual instructions.

The FOD-Razor™ collects debris so small that you might not have noticed it.
The FOD-Razor® collects debris so small that you might not have noticed it.

What about replacement parts?

You can purchase replacement mats from us. However, even damaged or worn mats may continue to collect FOD, and repairs can sometimes be made on an industrial sewing machine. Please contact us to discuss its condition before ordering a replacement. We’ll save you money if we can!

You can also order replacement parts for other components, such as wheels and hitch adapters.

What if I just need a replacement mat for my existing FOD*BOSS® assembly?

Give us a call! We also supply a replacement mat (part number RZR-B) with a FOD*BOSS® compatible tow-arm that you can use with your existing hitch adapters. Learn more here.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes! If you are not 100% satisfied with your sweeper, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Do these Sweepers come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, they certainly do! Read it here.

Where is it made?

We manufacture the FOD-Razor® in the United States of America. The FOD Control Corporation is a domestic corporation with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

What does it cost?

You can acquire a new FOD-Razor® for a fraction of the cost of a sweeper truck. Use those extra dollars to upgrade your other GSE assets, fund additional projects or save your facility a bundle of cash. Several size and hitch configurations are available.

Read more about our different configurations:

The FOD-Razor® (RZR-8) offers an 8 foot (2.4m) sweeping path


The FOD-Razor® Duplex (RZR-DPLX) offers a 16 foot (4.8m) sweeping path


The FOD-Razor® Triplex (RZR-TRPLX) offers a 22 foot (6.7m) sweeping path


Looking for a part number? Check our component parts page or the Operator’s Manual (5MB .pdf file).




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