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Give yourself and your maintenance budget a break, with this efficient, portable and affordable method of eliminating Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from military airfields, civilian airports, aerospace facilities, automotive proving grounds and racetracks.

The Product Made in USA NEW! We have upgraded designs and materials to provide you with an even longer and more reliable service life. The FOD-Razor® “Mark 2” version, which replaces all older versions, includes:

  • Durable nylon-fiber mats glide over punishing runway and ramp conditions
  • Built-in “hitch and forget” weight-release mechanism prevents overloading
  • Streamlined hitch assembly offers easy set-up and improves portability
  • All for the same highly competitive pricing

“The FOD Razor is a great piece of equipment to remove fod from Taxiways and Runways. It removes everything down to the small fines!” — Cavern City Air Terminal, City of Carlsbad, New Mexico

“It is an amazing piece of equipment. Extremely satisfied!” — Sterling Construction Services, Windson-Salem, North Carolina

FOD-Razor® Airport Runway SweeperMade in the USA

Beware of foreign imports with unspecified product origins. The FOD-Razor® is proudly manufactured in the USA. We ship worldwide and guarantee our equipment with a Lifetime Warranty.

FAA Compliant

The FOD-Razor® meets the equipment specifications for friction mat airport runway sweepers in Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5210-24, Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management, section 5.2 b. (1) and appendix B.1 a. (b).

You can roll up a FOD-Razor™ and carry it by hand when not in use!
You can roll up a FOD-Razor™ and carry it by hand when not in use!

Saves money

The FOD-Razor® is competitively priced and comes in several sizes, including our wide-area “Duplex” and “Triplex” versions. We also offer durable replacement mats that are compatible with either our own hitch adapter assembly or the FOD*BOSS® brand sweeper assembly. *

Plus, with no motors, vacuums or machinery to service, your maintenance costs are close to zero. Use those extra dollars to upgrade your other GSE assets, fund additional projects or save your facility a bundle of cash.

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Environmental Advantage

The FOD-Razor® is made from recyclable materials. At your option, you can ship it back to us at the end of its service life, and we’ll disassemble and recycle it for you (contact us for details). It’s also highly fuel-efficient; you can tow one behind a vehicle as small as an electric golf cart. During air transport, the assembly collapses, minimizing the need for cargo space. For clearing high-performance surfaces, check out the TracSweep FOD sweepers.

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Keeping debris off your airfield.
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Captures foreign objects easily
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Questions about the FOD-Razor®? Read our FAQ.

Looking for a part number? Check our component parts page or the Operator’s Manual (5MB .pdf file).

Are you military? Read our Sample Use Case: Overseas Military Deployment.

* The FOD Control Corporation is not associated with Aerosweep Pty Ltd, manufacturer of the FOD*BOSS®.



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