Rigid-Lock Quickberm® (1,435 gallon capacity)

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When you need spill containment, this heavy-duty berm will accommodate drums, IBC totes, and tanks.

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  • Dimensions: 12′ Width x 16′ Length x 12″ Height
  • Helps comply with EPA for containment and spill prevention (SPCC).
  • Unlike floating-wall berms, the patented Rigid-Lock stainless steel brace supports the berm when completely full, without bending or buckling.
  • Superior protection and chemical resistance against petroleum, oils, greases, most acids and other harsh liquids.
  • Greater resistance against punctures and abrasion – excellent for heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Supports resist extreme temperatures (-50F to 160F).
  • A simple push on the walls unlocks the support and lays the wall down for drive-through capability from any angle.
  • When in the down position, they can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg) at each tire.
  • While in the up position, the supports will hold up to wind loads of 40 miles per hour
  • In case of damage, such as a driver exiting the berm without lowering the wall, the stainless steel support rods are replaceable.
  • Reinforced CriticalCorner™ design with wraparound diagonal radio frequency (RF) welds offer exceptionally strong structural integrity.
  • Finished hem edge on top of sidewall prevents fraying and adds strength.
  • Each support includes a heavy-duty brass grommet for anchoring the berm under high wind conditions. Anchor stakes not included.
  • For added resistance against rocky surfaces or heavy in-out traffic use tarps, ground mats, track mats, or track runners.
Rigid-Lock Quickberm® — Size and Capacity

20'W x 20'L x 12"H, CAP. 2990 GALS., 16'W x 20'L x 12"H, CAP. 2390 GALS., 16'W x 16'L x 12"H, CAP. 1910 GALS., 12'W x 20'L x 12"H, CAP. 1795 GALS., 12'W x 16'L x 12"H, CAP. 1435 GALS., 12'W x 12'L x 12"H, CAP. 1075 GALS., 10'W x 10'L x 12"H, CAP. 745 GALS., 8'W x 8'L x 12"H, CAP. 475 GALS.