Custom-Designed FOD Covers

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Engine CoverDo you need to protect sensitive equipment from foreign object debris (FOD)? Can’t find off-the-shelf covers or patterns that are up to the job? We will custom design, prototype and produce high-quality flexible airplane engine covers that match your unique specifications and requirements.

We provide flexible indoor/outdoor coverings for sensitive factory machinery, parked aircraft or ground vehicles, equipment with open housings, general merchandise, or facility infrastructure. We service the aerospace, manufacturing, warehousing, oil & gas, military and other sectors where foreign object debris (FOD) can present safety or quality control hazards. You provide us with measurements, images and other relevant data. We design a durable, removable cover that meets those specifications. Advantages of working with us include:

  • CNC controlled laser cutting capabilities for a wide range of Nylons, Cottons, and Polyesters (MIL-Spec available).
  • Full color custom labels / decals and heat press capabilities.
  • Forty years of institutional experience in the field of Foreign Object Debris / Damage (FOD) control.
  • USA-based engineering and design; we are headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.