Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweepers

Power Bar™
Suspend this powerful magnet underneath your motor vehicle…

Top-of-the-Line Protection Against Ferrous Metal Debris

For high-quality Foreign Object Debris (FOD) sweepers, look no further than the USA-made POWER BAR™! Rid your site of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, dropped tools, metal scraps and general iron-based debris. Our powerful, black anodized permanent magnetic bar assembly will keep your facility safe, clean and compliant.

Unsurpassed Quality

The POWER BAR™ uses the strongest ferrite/ceramic magnets commercially available, with a 3.5 Million Energy Product. They are mounted to a thick steel plate — which helps route the magnetic field to the bottom of the bar — then encased in aluminum alloy tubing. Our magnets maintain their powerful attraction in all weather conditions. Plus, all POWER BAR™ products carry our Lifetime Magnetic Field Strength Warranty.

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Power Bar™
….and see just how much ferrous metal it will pick up for you!

Easy to Install Under Any Motor Vehicle

Anyone who can drive can operate a POWER BAR™. As the vehicle moves, the powerful magnets pick up ferrous metal debris in its path, enabling the operator to sweep while performing routine duties, such as security or inspection patrols.

  1. Attach it to the underside of any vehicle with a chain-and-carabiner set (sold separately).
  2. Optimal ground clearance is a safe 3 to 5 inches (7.6 to 12.7 cm).
  3. Sweep while driving around the operations area, performing other duties.
  4. After parking, brush the FOD off the POWERBAR with a piece of wood. (For a portable disposal container, try our handy line of FOD CANS.)
  5. When not needed, simply detach from the vehicle and place in storage.

Environmental Advantage

The POWER BAR™ has no moving parts to service, produces no air or water pollution, and the only fuel consumption comes from the vehicle to which it is attached.

MW-SERIES: To provide maximum protection against impact damage, we wrap a replaceable, high-density, neoprene rubber Wear Shield around the entire magnet. This creates a barrier between the POWER BAR™ and rough, uneven surfaces, parking lot dividers, curbs or other obstructions that might otherwise cause premature wear to the unit’s casing.

M-SERIES: Identical to the MW-Series, except without the Wear Shield. Suitable for work environments where there is little or no possibility of severe or repeated impact damage. Lower price, but with the same POWER BAR™ superior quality and magnetic strength.

T-SERIES: To operate a POWER BAR™ without a motor vehicle, we attach a handle and wheel-set to an M-Series unit, allowing you to push it by hand or tow it behind a vehicle. Easily access tight spaces or restricted areas, such as underneath aircraft, or even on runways during FOD walks. Portable and economical, keep one handy in every work area! Available in four different lengths: 18, 36, 54 and 72 inches (46, 91, 137, and 183 cm).

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Wide Range of POWER BAR™ Sizes and Versions (“series”) Available

Standard lengths include 18, 24, 36, 48, 54, 60 and 72 inches (46, 61, 91, 122, 137, 152 and 183 cm). You can contact us for guidance on determining the correct length for your vehicle. We also cut custom lengths.

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