FOD BOSS Replacement Mat: Try This Alternative

FOD-Razor™ Replacement Mat
FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat

Attention FOD*BOSS® Operators: Our FOD-Razor® Replacement Mats Will Shave Your Operating Costs By Thousands!

Is your FOD*BOSS® airfield sweeper (sometimes called a “FOD BOSS,” “fodboss,” or “boss-0”) worn out or damaged beyond repair? Not looking forward to spending megabucks on a new one? Interested in a USA-made product with USA-based technical support?

The Product Made in USA

Well, now there is an alternative. The FOD-Razor® airport sweeper is now available with a FOD*BOSS® compatible tow arm that allows you to utilize your existing hitching equipment with our new FOD-Razor® replacement mats.

You can save thousands of dollars with our alternative FOD-Razor® Replacement Mats without sacrificing safety!

  • Tows and sweeps in the same way
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Equal or better quality
  • Guarantee and warranty
  • Repair and replacement services
  • Made in the USA

What is a FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat?

The FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat is a “friction mat” airfield sweeper that sets up, tows, collects debris and generally handles just like the FOD*BOSS® sweeper that you are already using. It is designed to replace your existing mat that has worn out from repeated use or has suffered irreparable damage.

Our replacement mats are manufactured in Garland, Texas by our company (The FOD Control Corporation) as a USA-made alternative to the FOD*BOSS® replacement mat, which is manufactured in Australia. They are similar in design and operation; if you have towed a FOD*BOSS®, you can tow a FOD-Razor®.

Is it less expensive than a FOD*BOSS® replacement mat?

The last time we checked, our pricing was thousands of dollars lower per mat. Our extensive experience fulfilling government and corporate purchasing contracts means that you will receive the best price, quality and service available. We encourage you to compare prices, shop wisely and come back to us with any questions. We can provide you with signed, firm price quote upon request.

Can I attach your FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat to my existing FOD*BOSS® hitch adapters?

Yes. Our replacement mat is outfitted with a compatible Tow-Arm that looks just like the one on your original mat and attaches easily to your existing Safety Release Tow Hitch (see illustration). No special tools or equipment are required.

Detail: FOD*BOSS® compatible tow-arm
Detail: FOD-Razor® tow-arm attached to FOD*BOSS® Safety Release Tow Hitch.

Does that mean that I can I tow it in the same way?

Yes. It works just like your original mat. Sweep your airfield just like you always have. No special training is required. No changes to your standard operating procedure are required.

Does the FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat come with its own hitch adapters?

Our Replacement Mat does not. You would attach it to your existing FOD*BOSS® hitch adapters.

What if I need new hitch adapters, too?

In that case, we can supply you with a complete FOD-Razor® Assembly consisting of one or more mats plus a complete set of hitch adapters. Our adapters look a little different, but perform the same function, attaching the mat securely to the tow vehicle and assuring proper navigation. We also supply Replacement Mats for these assemblies.

How about quality?

Our mats (plus our hitch adapters) are made in the USA and are of equal or better quality than any similar product on the market. You can expect at least the same level of usability, endurance and life-span.

Does it come with a warranty and support?

Yes! All of our FOD-Razor® sweepers have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Technical support is in-house and at no charge, for the lifetime of the equipment. We also provide in-house repair and refurbishment services at our warehouse in Garland, Texas USA.

Do you ship to destinations outside of the United States?

Yes. We serve both the US and foreign markets and can ship our sweepers globally, normally via air freight. Or, if you prefer, your freight forwarder can pick up Ex Works at our warehouse in Garland, Texas USA. Contact us with your shipping needs and we will work with you.

Tell me about your company.

The FOD Control Corporation has been supplying foreign object damage prevention equipment to military airfields, civil airports, airlines, aerospace manufacturers and automotive proving grounds since the 1980’s. It is a division of Hughes Ventures, Inc. Our DUNS number is 078667096 and we are SAM / CCR / ORCA registered.


Contact us for more information or to request a price quote. Ask for part number RZR-B, the FOD-Razor® Replacement Mat with FOD*BOSS® Compatible Tow-Arm.

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Questions about the FOD-Razor®? Read our FAQ.

Looking for a part number? Check our component parts page or the Operator’s Manual (3MB .pdf file).

Are you military? Read our Sample Use Case: Overseas Military Deployment.

* The FOD Control Corporation is not associated with Aerosweep Pty Ltd, manufacturer of the FOD*BOSS®.


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