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Setting Up A FOD Program

by TOM BROTHERS and DON SIMMONS Managers often assume that establishing a “corporate safety culture” will impel workers to a greater safety focus with an overall reduction in FOD event generation. In practice, management and line staff doesn’t always respond… Read the rest

FOD Awareness Week

by PHILIP J. MESSENGER FOD Awareness Week is a week long schedule of events targeted to get the workforce involved and increase their knowledge of the FOD Program. Activities should be planned and advertised well in advance to assure success.… Read the rest
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Annual FOD Walk

by PHILIP J. MESSENGER The Annual FOD walk down is a large-scale planned activity designed to get as many people as possible at the site to meet at a predetermined time and location, then walk the entire compound and/or flightline… Read the rest

Getting The Word Out

by OUR STAFF In order to keep FOD prevention in the forefront of everyone’s mind, you will need to make it a physical part of the workplace. Foreign object damage (FOD) presents a very real threat to your equipment, your… Read the rest
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The Importance Of Data

by PHILIP J. MESSENGER Accurate Data + Thorough Analysis + Effective Action = Fewer FOD Incidents Wherever aerospace products are manufactured or flown, a philosophy and culture of FOD Prevention spanning the entire operation is vital to assure product integrity,… Read the rest